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Cuckold Food Play

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Ever wonder why submissive cuckolds like yourself also tend to have a foot fetish?

It’s likely because the woman’s foot is the lowest part of her body. Particularly when she is standing. You have to get down on your knees, debase yourself, to kneel and bow to the ground so that your lips reach her lovely toes.

Well, add food to that mix, and it provides the cuckold an entirely new dynamic. Suck that candy from between her toes while she’s getting fucked by a real man. 

You know you want to experience it. You find your urges but deep down inside, you know it’s exactly where you belong.

Black Cock Cuckolding

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Cuckoldress Luna Light, Nikole Nash, and Brooke Haze are among some of the hotwives that prefer big black cock over their subby husband’s little penises. But solely having sex with their black lovers simply isn’t enough. 

They must take it a few steps further by forcing their husbands to join their sexual pleasure by humiliating their husbands while getting fucked.

Their cucks become their foot worshippers, their cuckold mattresses and their black cock fluffers.

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